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The Republican’s New Strategy


Now, I know I am not the only one who received a Republican Party, endorsement text message….am I? One of the first things I’m thinking “How did they get my number?” and secondly “Why go through the trouble?” You would think that after all cyclical campaigning commercials they would finally get their point across, but political parties methods of campaigning never cease to amaze me, and when I say amazed what I really mean to say I am apathetic. Let’s be realistic here, and talk in a general sense. Will a text message, a technology that has acquired the usage of texting my “bff” about how “totes” amazing I thought her outfit was today, but totally “lol-ing” at the fact that she spilled something on it, really be used to endorse a political stance? Oh “btw”: it’s not the smartest campaigning strategy.

I understand that they’re just trying to appeal to the younger generations, by reaching out through their preferred medium. But come on, instead of looking like the hip, in style, older brother—that every girl at school has a crush on, they are coming off as the old creepy uncle that you try to avoid, and cringe every time he thinks words like “Chillax” and “Fo-sho’” are still what’s in.

Stop, just stop, that’s all I ask of you.  Stick to what you know, and what have served you well since George Washington came out the gate strong. You might think you’re thinking cunning for widening the communications tactics—you might be for some, but not for me. All I do with it is snicker and show my friends and co-workers saying, “Look at what these fools sent me!”

Check out some of them:



Have you gotten any? If so, what are your thoughts about it?


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